Type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile. An automotive SLI battery(starting, lighting, and ignition) powers the starter motor, lights, and ignition system of a vehicle's engine.

Fiamm Battery

New Titanium range: The perfect future has come. Once again by FIAMM

Our history proves it, talks about innovation and makes innovation. Titanium Plus is our excellent solution that has brought together all responses in one product

But the energy doesn't stop at achievements: today Titanium Plus challenges itself, by bringing new solutions, meeting new demands, being "the solution" in a nonstop changing market and in a world that is increasingly more energy

1. Lead-calcium technology

- Low self-discharge value for both positive and negative grids during the storage and when the vehicle isn't use for a long time

2. Reliability and Safety

- The microporous separator minimizes possible short circuits between positive and negative plates

3. Instant check control system

Designed to provide an instant indication of the battery charge condition and of fluid level in the battery

Country of Origin: Italy (DIN Sizes)

Model: VR760

Cross Reference: DIN 66 H (12V 760 CCA) AGM

Capacity (Ah): 70

Warranty: 24 Months

Dimension (mm):

Length: 278

Width: 175

Height: 190

Weight : 20.3kg

Voltage AH CCA Length Height Width Cell
Series Available
12 70 760 278 190 175 1 STD AGM
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